Molly Hammar is on the rise - did you know? At this point, the prowess of the Stockholm born singer-songwriter is becoming hard to ignore in the wake of her empowering and sensual 2018 EP Sex and her recent hip-wriggling collaboration with Big Narstie, “No Place Like Me”.

As has become customary with Hammar’s work, “Show Me” continues her exploration of celebratory self-acceptance and journey of self-worth in her traversing the often perilous exchange within romantic relationships. Retracting from the tropical, club-ready pop of “No Place Like Me”, “Show Me” captures a 90s essence with a contemporary edge, blossoming with a lush undercurrent of synths and rhythmic beats, tugging at those heartstrings all the way.

The track marks her second collaboration of the year, with Hammar joining forces with fellow Swede Kim Cesarion for a good, old fashioned duet, the pair engaging in intimate discourse as they attempt to break down their defensive walls in the search for a union that could well be incredible. With Hammar describing both herself and Cesarion as “hopeless romantics”, it was clear from the moment that they stepped into the studio that they were going to write a song about love.

“‘Show Me’ is about knowing your worth and wanting to find somebody who sees and appreciates that,” shares Hammar of her new single. “I think we too often settle down for people who don’t give us enough, so therefore I want you to show me all the ways you love me.”

“Show Me” is available now via Cosmos Music, with a new EP to follow later in the year. Follow Molly Hammar on Instagram.