The new track “Alone” is a ultimately a rich tapestry of Model Man’s powerful skills, where classical piano segments are effortlessly paired with manipulated vocal melodies and juddering, deep beats. It feels immensely atmospheric, and as though it could soundtrack a warehouse dance scene just as well as a cinematic travel segment in some Hollywood blockbuster.

Fittingly, the track is paired alongside some staggeringly beautiful visuals which were filed when Rob was filming a documentary in Taiwan, around the same time that the track originally came into being.

Speaking on the track’s rich array of influences and the aim of Model Man’s artistic endeavours, Mark says “We’ve immersed ourselves in UK dance music but buried inside the waveforms of Model Man you will always find a piano. Piano is the embodiment of the Model Man sound and on ‘Alone’ it’s layered in a pure mode to help us create the emotive musical peaks we’re always desiring.”

"Alone" is out now and available to listen to on Spotify.