The intro resonates a drop into a Fatboy Slim track, but instead Mina Rose soothes with her soulful vocals.

"Paradise" is a nice contradiction. Built on a base of ethereal strings, Mina Rose injects her socially conscious and reflective words, giving new knowledge into her individuality and morally charged ideas.

Her niche sound is completely infectious, driving important stories and a strong narrative with the atmospheric beats that bring melodies from all genres.

On her new track "Paradise", Rose explained, "When I visualise the idea of someone getting lost in their own thoughts, I imagine them sitting in a room with red walls. Paradise' focuses on our want to make this life as perfect as we can by finding escape, and the fact that a lot of the time it might appear that the easiest way to do that is to shut the world out: whether that's from taking something heavy or catfishing online to whatever vices you explore within the four walls of your own space, so as to tackle your demons. 'Paradise' is about the idea that if heaven and hell exist on earth, then finding your own heaven here in hell would be the greatest heaven of all."

"Paradise" is taken from her upcoming second EP London's Burning, which is still to be given a release date. Each single from the EP will feature a small section of the overall artwork.