As a singer, songwriter, producer, rapper, guitarist, and mix engineer, Ring is a multi-talented visionary who proves that her creative process is anything but insular. Rather, the approach of “BS" is near-fearless – infusing R&B with neo-soul, quasi-Latin bass riffs and being loads with impressionistic questions that tap into her swaggering intellect.

Featuring London-based rapper Che Lingo, the track is derisive and slick with equal conviction. As a duo, their voices command you to listen to their musical dexterity as they display a joint flair for delivering unique sounds, flow and lyrics. “Life keeps throwing us BS but how are we going to deal with it?” Ring adds, elaborating on the track's motif.

The accompanying video is driven by lush, technicolour imagery, choreographed by BINDI BOSSES and ends with a Mudra (Indian dance symbol) hand gesture - denoting BS’s themes of “self-sabotage and ego-driven behaviour taking the form of anger, drinking and gambling”, explains Milan Ring.

"BS" is out now via Astral People Recordings. Find Milan Ring on Instagram.