"On My Knees" is a track that is about striving for something more than perfection, for realising that we don't always succeed in every endeavour and that's just fine. It finds a unique beauty in the cracks and the things that go awry, where lead singer Hannah Joy delivers the punchy lyrics with a genuine heartfelt honesty.

Her voice possesses a wonderful fluttering that plays out to stunning effect against the euphoric, and at times gigantic-sounding, guitars that thunder down on the mighty, anthemic chorus. It confidently tears off any of society's shackles that could weigh them down and acts as a rallying cry to get us all to do the same.

The band explain how the track is about searching beyond immediate satisfaction and finding value in all of the experiences that life has to offer, saying "about rejecting the value system of the individual as the prime unit of society. It’s also about how suffering and disappointment can help change our perspective in a healthy way. When we stop focus on ‘winning’ and can submit to something bigger, or to each other, we are better people."

Having already sold out shows at Moth Club and The Waiting Room in London this week, and their debut album, entitled Lost Friends, on the horizon, it looks like this lot could very well be preparing to dominate the summer.

Lost Friends will be released on 4 May via Lucky Number.