Manchester outfit Mealtime have released a buoyant but bonkers new track in “Sublime”, a worthy follow-up to their recent infectious outing “Teef”. Making waves throughout 2019 with their striking and individual output and sound, the new song ties together St. Vincent-style guitar lines with garage bass-lines, metronomic vocal delivery and Mike Skinner-esque verse. It is unapologetically bizarre, yet with each listen you discover something new, and its danceable beat and repetitive hook makes it impossible not to repeat play.

“’Sublime’ is quite ambiguous, but on surface level, a tale of temptation and not keeping your conscience clean,” share Mealtime of their new track. “We’re sonically really inspired by the early millennial dance-music scene and focused on creating a tongue-in-cheek visual dipped in contemporary nostalgia.”

As we near the end of 2019 and reflect on the musical offering of the past twelve months, Mealtime stand out as one of the most original acts. As a band they are clearly unafraid of challenging convention and boundaries, and their characteristic noise pop looks set to soar across 2020. The accompanying video - crammed with early Noughties aesthetic - has a bleak dystopian quality and marks this band as an even more exciting prospect going into the new year. Stay tuned for more musical madness.

“Sublime” is available now via LAB Records. Follow Mealtime on Facebook.