Taken from her forthcoming four-track EP The Things I Should, "Far Below" and the rest of the tracks from this project see the songwriter talk candidly, through her lyrics, about situations that have been made worse by miscommunication. In her own words she explains, “these four songs are written about four different personal experiences, where a lack of honest expression at the outset had created a much bigger problem in the long run."

Kelly's delicate vocals are serene and fragile, paired with the honesty and earnest nature of her songwriting that should see Kelly's work really strike numerous chords with listeners. The atmospheric indie-folk which we heard on early single "Stitches" still seems to be the driving force of Kelly's music. With three brand new tracks making up the EP, "Far Below" is just the beginning of Kelly's next chapter.

"Far Below" and The Things I Should EP are out 19 May.