"Get Over You" finds Evangeline in a period of reflection and recovery, trying to simply get through the day without falling into a well of hopelessness.

The track is spacious and free of clutter, and despite the fragile nature of it there's still a hum of electricity and life flowing through. Evangeline's breathy voice is double-and-triple tracked over the crackle of guitar chords, and there's some gentle percussion and loops playfully bobbing just below the surface. It's not a million miles away from something IDER might do, and also shares that duo's knack for finding strength in adversity.

"The last few years have seen my life deconstructed and reconstructed many times, throwing me into a journey of self-doubt to self-discovery and identity crisis to identity confidence," explains Evangeline. "This time brought me face to face with myself and pushed me to process through writing songs. ‘Get Over You’ is from the viewpoint of my “post break-up” self and speaks to the normality of day to day life that you have to walk through whilst getting over someone. The song is written from a pretty hopeless place, but keep your eye out for the upcoming songs in this project and you’ll see that joy and healing is on its way!”

Recovery isn't without its ups and downs, and on this track Lydia Evangeline beautifully captures the simple fact that if we fall sometimes all we can do is get up and go again.

"Get Over You" is out today.