Lifted from Nord's new album Company, which was written during his time in London last summer following a breakup, 'Faking' continues to draw in on the confidence found after releasing the After You EP: his first release that was 100% Lucas Nord - music, lyrics, vocals, production and mix.

Following his collaborations with Tove Lo ('Run On Love') and fellow Stockholm act Urban Cone, Nord has spent the past year or more seeking new directions for his music. What started out with a heavy house and strong electronic vibe has become lighter, more airey and with a sound mixing pop and RnB. "In the beginning I actually was a bit sceptical about moving into pop. But this is actually the first time I have done something that is me.”

Talking to Best Fit about the origins of the video, featuring a pair of love-struck figureskaters, Nord comments: "The director August Segerholm came up with this idea to use figure skating in the video after we discussed how we could portray some kind of love story without it being too much in your face and show it in a way you haven’t really seen much in music videos. I really feel like it gives this new energy to the song and at least for me the track sounds way different while watching the video  - in a good way. It really is a beautiful video that I think compliments the track perfectly."

Watch the video for 'Faking' below.