The track is a bright cut that's staunchly pop in its styling. Dawson's honey-sweet vocal delivers a crystal clear lyric; one that focusses on the bittersweet knowledge that sometimes it's best to just move on. It's certainly radio-friendly, but Five Day Forecast alumna Dawson has taken care to retain her girls'-girl personality, keeping "Pushing 21" relatable without being boring.

"'Pushing 21' is about taking action in cutting people out of your life when necessary," Dawson explains. "It's fueled by empowerment and new beginnings. I wanted to let everyone know, especially young girls, that it's really important to put yourself first and take charge in situations that are slowing down your progress in anything you’re doing."

Prior to the release of Bedroom, Dawson performed live in session with Best Fit. Her performance is available to watch on Facebook.

"Pushing 21" is out now.