Following the release of the single, the Swedish artist, whilst welcoming seldom interviews, was once again quiet regarding new musical ventures, although it was clear that an impending release was more than due, especially after this past summer.

So it might come to no surprise, and to the joy of many Nordic pop aficionados, that Styrke has unveiled her latest single, “Borderline”. The track stirs away from the sounds and minimalism of the previous single, dwelling in that sort of up-tempo pop reggae that has featured prominently on this year’s charts. 

Styrke’s no-nonsense, reverbed voice cheekily bounces around the composition of tinkling keyboards, strummed guitars and pounding beats with lyrical bravado and wordplay, in a track that once again reinstates Tove Styrke as a shape-shifting Pop singer that can ease herself in all music genres.

Tove Styrke makes her UK debut at London's Notting Hill Arts Club on November 5. Tickets are available here