When we listen to music, what are we looking to get out of it? Often times, our path is uncharted, and we’re leaving the experience up to the artist. Other times we look to music as an escape, a way to be transported to another place, or to help us explain a particular feeling. Essentially, when we listen to music, we’re asking these muted basslines and full-bellied cries to help us feel something. Even if we can’t articulate why we feel a certain way about a piece of music, in the grander scheme of things, really all that matters is that we do.

DJ Koze understands this concept all too well. Believe us when we say this album is going to change you. Delving into the deepest realms of what it means to feel something, touching on nostalgic reference points, experimental moods that drift through dancefloors of the future, and unabashedly garnering your full attention, Amygdala performs the ultimate one man show of the most magnificent proportions.

Once entranced, DJ Koze’s Amygdala will take you to the strangest of pastures and force you to feel things about peculiar sounds you know to be very much outside your comfort zone. Tearing through all previous notions of what you believed you wanted to feel, in the end, you’ll leave with much more than you brought when you arrived.

DJ Koze’s Amygdala which includes collaborative tracks with Caribou, Apparat, Dirk von Lotzow, Hildegard Knef, Matthew Dear, Ada and Milosh is out March 12th on Pampa.