The track is another glimpse at Legends Of Country's typically atypical subject matter - the album deals with middle age, darts champs, and A roads - speaking from the perspective of fathers that don't have full custody of their children.

It's a touching, often poignant look at parenthood, specifically not being able to be who or where you wish you could be. 

The video for the song is directed by the children (aged 7 and 9) of the band's vocalist Jof Owens (The Boy Least Likely To). Sonny and Kitty Owen have done a pretty great job as it turns out.

Speaking about the song, Owens says: "It’s a song about going to the park with my kids, and I just thought who better to understand and capture what that’s like than them. They came up with all the ideas and locations for it and chose what to film and how. I just gave them a camera and paid for the ice creams. We filmed it over two days, but we only spent a couple of hours each day on it because they got distracted after a while. The video perfectly reflects what our weekends together are like and I don’t think I could have got that from anyone else. My only worry was the unflattering angle that I was always being filmed at."

The track features on debut album Talk About Country, which also features "Jelly And Jam", which is out now.

Legends Of Country are playing our festival of new music in January, alongside Oscar, Postiljonen, INHEAVEN, Francis Lung, and more. Tickets are available now.

Check out the video for "The Saturday Dads" below.