Releasing the third track from her upcoming EP, Everything Is Dogs, “Frankie’s Girlfriend” is a slick new single full of the sass we’ve come to expect from Lauran Hibberd. Speaking of the tune as her “darkest yet” – though not really that dark, as her lyrics are typically tongue-in-cheek, more like a “three-week holiday to Mexico,” says Hibberd - “Frankie’s Girlfriend” is an eye-roll-inducing look back at a platonic friend’s jealous partner.

Hibberd says of the song’s origin, “'Frankie’s Girlfriend' is exactly why it can suck to be a nice person. This track is a story, based on true events and exaggerated for selling millions of (aka 600) records. It’s honestly about a pal of mine Frankie, I had a dream about him, like a weird one. And it spiralled. His chick at the time was a nightmare, I was lucky enough to witness that first hand.”

Frankie’s Girlfriend is out today and Everything Is Dogs is out 20 September. Find Lauran Hibberd on Facebook.