Kings Elliot draws on her experience living with borderline personality disorder, depression and anxiety to create her music, but with "Dancing Alone" she offers insight into how this affects the people around her.

"Holding together any kind of relationship when you struggle with your mental health is immensely challenging – for you and the person involved,” the London-based songwriter explains. “'Dancing Alone' is me preparing someone for how hard it’s going to be, and walking them through every step of ‘the dance’ they will have to learn in order to get through the darkest days.”

In the music video for her previous release, we get to experience one of those darker days. Choosing to kept the camera rolling as she experienced a panic attack, the visual for "I'm Getting Tired Of Me" is an emotional watch and gives offers a brief window into what both Elliot and her loved ones go through.

Like a waltz for a Disney Princess gone awry, "Dancing Alone" sways with the sombre conviction that togetherness and synchronicity is key to making things work. If things go wrong you're all sinking with the ship, there's no floating door in this universe, the icy water will drown you both.

Another disarmingly vulnerable ballad, when Kings Elliot pulls back the curtain we get to see everything.

"Dancing Alone" is out now. Find Kings Elliot on Instagram.