Signed to Hotflush Recordings (Mount Kimbie, Scuba, Joy Orbison), musical chameleon Kiimi is an artist of many forms: producer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist to list a few. Upon releasing their first two off-kilter singles “Breaking My Mind” and “Ritual”, the London-based artist has made a notable name for themselves as an emerging electronic artist to be looking out for.

Crafting a nonchalant, liquid house sound, paired with their soulful vocal delivery, Kiimi’s work is forever evolving as a genre-fluid project. “Trust” is Kiimi’s latest single and welcomes a new chapter for the artist as it rests as the first track to introduce their own vocals.

Written, produced, and recorded themselves, “Trust” is a brooding source of electronica that pays homage to the dizzying, euphoria of club music. Across the track, Kiimi takes the listener on a devotional journey of hypnotic production.

The minimal vocal delivery is enough for you to find yourself drifting into your own surreal world. Polyrhythmic and oozing in smooth percussions, in “Trust”, Kiimi has curated a vivid space, home to blurred shapes with the help of pulsating basslines and sombre vocal delivery.

Speaking about the track, Kiimi shares “’Trust’ feels really personal to me because it’s the first track I’ve put out with my vocals on it. I wrote it during the lockdown at the start of this year when two of my friends were arguing and I felt caught in the middle. I felt this pressure to pick sides, and everything was so overwhelming back then because there was nothing else to focus on or distract us.”

Also a founder of HUNNI SOUND (a music industry network for non-binary and trans creators), Kiimi operates within accessible-to-all and creative areas. Curating not only a safe space but a platform to promote such identifying artists, it’s fair to say Kiimi has a clear vision and is on the right track for success.

"Trust" is out now. Find Kiimi on Instagram.