Lacing honest lyrics with funky, upbeat vibes has almost become Kid Bloom's trademark, and newest release “Sugarcoat” is another addition to their conflicting yet captivating discography.

Possessing a more poppy sound than previous offerings, the chiming synth-piano and whirring guitars that introduce the song are whimsical and delightful, lending the song a weightless and carefree surface. However, in stark contrast, the lyrics are dark and lay bare all kinds of truths. Lead singer Lennon Kloser opens with “I’m not sure if anyone has the time for me” and later follows up with “I don’t know who’s at fault / What’s the point now?” Kloser immediately draws the listener into his confessions and his candid inner-doubts.

Summarising Kid Bloom's latest single, Kloser adds: “Sugarcoat is very near and dear to my heart because it brings to attention the times I glaze over my problems with excuses. Its concept is melancholy, but you can’t help but feel happy when you hear it”.

Sugarcoat is released today. Find Kid Bloom on Facebook.