"Perfume" originally erupted in May, and upon its arrival we said: "trippy beats and tinkled ivories merge with '80s pop synths to create something intoxicating and unfathomably catchy; the chorus is doused in R&B harmonies, and it's even got nods to Outkast..."

It's been transformed from its fluid shapes into a stabby, roughly hewn tune with clattering hip-hop percussion and battle-ready strings.

Up To No Good said of the remix: "We have always loved both Outkast's 'So Fresh And So Clean' and Joe Simon's 'Before The Night Is Over' and we have longed to do something with that as our inspiration. So when I heard Ji's original song 'Perfume'. I told her that I would really love to do a remix on it. (Thanks Ji!)"

Ji Nilsson is one of the most recent signings to our sister label, Best Fit Recordings.

Stream the U2NG rework of "Perfume" below.