Opening with a foreboding piano melody and a muffled drum beat, "Glitch" begins with a dystopian tone. The vocals pulsate pensively like a distant echo of unwanted memories, before plunging into a rich, orchestral verse that intensifies the foreboding core of the track.

"Glitch" is both ominous and elegant, weaving between stunning instrumentals that deliver a sense of hope amongst the heartbreaking topic.

The chorus is anthemic and tender, channeling a brief moment of clarity as the vocals soar to higher pitches whilst the instrumentals maintain a mournful mood.

Speaking about the single, Janice Prix reveal, "It’s a song inspired by the tragic events taking place in our hometown of Trollhättan in 2015, where a man wearing a Darth Vader-esque mask killed students and teachers with a sword in racist attack. The lyrics revolve around the thought process within the mind of an assailant right after an attack. We wanted the melodies and gloomy soundscape to emphasize the concept of eternity and life sentence."

Janice Prix's new single "Glitch" is out now. Find Janice Prix on Instagram.