Twenty-two-year-old songwriter and producer Grace Acladna, from London, makes quite the impression on this unique debut. A skeletal bed of dubby electronics suffused with soulful singing and otherwordly synths, "Afterlife" sounds at once futuristic and classic - moreover very pleasing on the ear.

Speaking about the track, Acladna said: "I like to explore moral conundrums and create tension by juxtaposing light, colourful music with a dark subject matter as I feel it is a great way of portraying the dysfunction of human nature. And that's what I tried to achieve through this song, a song that transported my imagination to another realm whilst having a very earthly subject.

"It's essentially a story of someone who wants to not have to worry about money and someone else who wants to end their life so they can be reunited with the one they love. And although one could empathise with these desires, are the right way forward?"

Coming from a rich heritage of Egyptian choir mistresses, Bajan gospel singers and an uncle who was one of the earliest pioneers of electronic music (having composed the first piece of electronic tape music), it's no surprise Acladna sounds this special so early on. We can't wait to hear more.

"Afterlife" features on Acladna's debut EP Songs Of The Subconscious, released this summer via Hometown Recordings.