Following in the wake of their recent hard-hitting single “The Drive” (think in the same vein as Mike Skinner), the latest outing by Rhys Kirkby-Cox and Harvey Kirkby continues the stoic realism of their music, twisting their unique blend of hip hop with elements of electronica and classic 90s rave.

Emerging from the gloom with punchy beats, “She Don’t Dance” segues into a juxtaposition of elements, gurning synths and clattering percussion. Topped off with EYK’s throaty-toned vocal, the duo recount a tale of a girl once full of life but who has since let such unbridled joy slip from her days.

“I used to know this girl, she used to dance / She used to live in my mind and play in my heart,” the lyrics describe the simple infatuation with a warm candour that is befitting of its bright euphoria. Despite the disarming glee within the arrangement itself, the accompanying video carries a darker tone.

“For the video of ‘She Don’t Dance’ we wanted it to go a lot deeper than the title of the track. The word “dance” could represent anything but in our case we chose “dance” to be a metaphor for a young mother in an abusive relationship and the struggles young parents go through. We felt it was important that the video raised awareness around this as we feel it is a very sensitive subject that doesn’t get spoken about too often and should be seen as a bigger problem than what it is,” elaborate the pair of the striking visual.

“A lot of people nowadays live in the world of social media and sometimes forget about what people are actually going through, so for us, we wanted people to watch the video and it make them open their eyes a little. Maybe they might know someone going through something similar or maybe they are going through it themselves… If it makes people seek help or talk about their problems after watching it then we’ve done our job.”

“She Don’t Dance” is available now via EYK Music/ Sony Music Entertainment UK. Follow Everyone You Know on Instagram.