The 22-year-old artist relocated to the Northern town of Redcar at age 14, staving away boredom by burying himself in music. He's already shown off a couple of his creations - "Strawberry's Blonde Snip" and "Love Spoons" - with this third joint augmenting his arsenal with three minutes of pure swagger.

Cartlidge amps up his formula on "Scratch, Sniff", with genres colliding at 100mph - big syrupy dollops of old school rap bass jar against stuttering percussion, and his jaw-dropping vocals (which sit somewhere between classic soul crooner and rock 'n' roll icon) glide through the debris. It needs about four or five replays just to comprehend exactly what's going on, but once you've got to grips with Cartlidge's latest you're rewarded with an epidemically infectious offering that scrubs out traditional genre lines with charm and effortless cool.

"Scratch, Sniff" is out 6 April via Halftime Music.