The latest single from Dahlia Sleeps is elegant, dazzling, and filled with winding twists and turns. In that sense, it’s not unlike the journey that singer/writer Lucy Hill and producer/writer Luke Hester have taken across the six years since the group released its debut single.

Overflow, their debut album, arrives in two parts, with the first part dropping 19 October, followed by the B-side’s release early next year. If the accompanying tracks are anything like the achingly beautiful “Too Good To Hide,” fans are in for quite the complex, rewarding listening experience.

“’Too Good To Hide’ is a song about running towards turmoil instead of towards the light. So often it is a battle to build the life we want because trauma or mental health issues keep us where we are,” Hill says. “This is the first song on the record that touches on mental health, a theme that features heavily in forthcoming songs. And as with all these songs, this one ends with hope, something that exists for all of us as we learn to love ourselves and overcome our pasts.”

It’s a rich, lasting, and optimistic sentiment, which plays out in Hill’s soaring lyrics and a lovely backdrop of shimmering, soft and wavy synths, strings & guitar. Hill’s refrain “You’re too good to hide it, darling” is an encouraging phrase seemingly designed to uplift the listener, and the track’s layered backbeat certainly moves things along propulsively.

The track is a fitting showcase for the duo’s varied influences, which include electronic acts like Burial and groups with a penchant for pitting complex percussion against rich, sparkling guitars, similar to Florence + The Machine or The National.

Hot on the heels of previous single “Divided”, which relies heavily on a Moog bassline and also showcases the band’s flair for blurring the lines between electro-pop and more traditional indie-rock, “Too Good To Hide” builds towards a stirring and hopeful finish - itself a welcome respite from the chaos that can invade a crowded mind. The lush atmospherics recall Explosions in the Sky, among other groups that have a way of building a rich sonic tapestry that swirls and weaves.

The duo’s debut album has been a long time in the works, but fans are in for plenty more richly crafted, refined and stately music if the latest from Dahlia Sleeps is any indication.

“Too Good To Hide” is out now, with the debut album Overflow set for release on 19 October. Find Dahlia Sleeps on Instagram.