Operating in a cross of chillwave and shoegaze, Colourwaves has shown an intriguing heft of substance in conjunction with the 'vibe' heavy genres at play. Moon Window's lead single, "Archons", pairs glacial synths, dynamic beats and a soaring guitar line with a narrative of an immortal resigned to watching the inevitable rise and demise of great civilizations throughout history. Never did the laments of eternal agony sound so readymade for a nice walk in the park.

Now, we have the latest offering from Moon Window, the lovelorn "Night Boat." On the track, Colourwaves creates towering, enveloping synth-led structures that operate as the bedrock for reverberating, buoyant ethereal elements that keep everything moving, riding off the rhythms.

Colourwaves examines a different, less epic tragedy with "Night Boat", as romanticism takes over in attempting to save someone who may be beyond that point.

Certainly for fans of Neon Indian or Washed Out, Colourwaves' "Night Boat" is another great slice of ambient excellence. Look for the EP out later this April.

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