Unveiling a glimmering dream-like pop tune drenched in glossy sequences and multi-layered vocals, Cherryhead's "Seasons" intertwines dulcet tones with a progressively uplifting melody. The lush beats and soothing drum grooves form a glorious artistic number.

The track's tranquility is contagious, and Kilburn's moreish vocals are iridescently illuminating, drifting into a subconscious. Boasting a flourish of emotive sounds, the track promises to be a timeless classic, continuing to capture Kilburn's inventive style.

'"Seasons' is a dream pop song," says Kilburn. "It's a melancholic yet hopeful track, with a sonically Japanese inspired instrumental part. It's about how things can feel uncontrollable. Like nature, love is a force, which can surprise you at any moment."

“Seasons” is out now through Mermaid Records. Find Cherryhead on Facebook.