If something like "Santa Baby" hinted and played with festive innuendo, "Sleigh Me" gets right to the point in Cherryade's trademark brash style.

Sleigh bells make way for noisy, throbbing synths, and Ella's bratty/sexy vocal which is in no way backward in coming forward: "Santa fill my stocking tonight / won't you come and mince my pie? / you can give me / you can give me / a good ride". There's little doubt what Ella's looking for this Christmas, and I'm not sure Santa has any choice but to deliver.

"We both love Christmas, so it’d feel wrong if we didn’t try our hand at writing a song for it," explain the band. "We noticed a lot of Christmas songs are actually really inappropriate so we wanted to highlight that by taking things one step further and crossing the line even more… think 'Santa Baby' on speed!"

With bassy beats and synth brass adding a bit of contrast to the bells brightly jingling through the track, you'd have to be hard-hearted not to want to indulge in Cherryade's x-rated xmas fun.

"Sleigh Me" is out tomorrow.