"I'm on your shuffle playlist / I'm in the club / I'm in the headphones of the stranger on the bus / I come on in your taxi and the driver turns it up," Scarlett brags on "B.I.G."'s tautly wound pre-chorus, before it drops off into one of her signature bass-led breakdowns. The track strikes a perfect balance with catchy, clever pop lyrics and the relentless punch of its club-ready beats. Scarlett's vocals slide close to rap at points, similar to fellow British powerhouse GIRLI.

"B.I.G." follows the release of "Ornaments" earlier this year, but its sound harks closer to her 2017 smash "Shangri-La" – another massive track that blends unselfconscious pop sensibilities with a whopper of a climax. It's an awe-inspiring ego trip packaged up in such a way it seems 100% justified. Whoever done f*cked this girl over must be feeling pretty stupid right about now.

"B.I.G." is out now.