Having released her debut album Die Another Day back in 2014, things have been quiet for Eli - but "Careful" is a brilliant, banging return.

The Swede has sung brilliantly before about the perils of relationships on the likes of "Moment of Clarity", but here she's warning her other half (who IRL happens to be the incredible rapper Silvana Imam) to treat her right or she's not gonna stick around.

Eli has alwayas had a big voice but on "Careful" she's full on diva over house-y piano riffs, a throbbing beat and deep bass; as the pre-chorus hits she sings "You keep rockin' me back and forth / Rockin' me back and forth / When you should be careful / Careful with me" - it's as much a demand as a plea to her partner to avoid not knowing what you've got til it's gone. There's wonderful '80s ratatat drumbeat as the track crashes into a gigantic chorus, and the whole thing is a triumph of brilliant pop music writing.

"Careful" is out now on digital platforms.