With a heavily-anticipated debut album set to bless listeners in August, Art Moore are back with their new single "A Different Life". Made up of three friends, the dynamic trio use subtle electronic elements and strong creative narratives that add distinctive shading to each story. With ambitious minds and a creative flare present across all of their releases to date, "A Different Life" is certainly keeping up with the high standards that the band have created for themselves.

“We all met up at the studio, and it was never even like, ‘Let’s be a band’, that was never a thing,” shares Ezra Furman collaborators Sam Durkes. “It was more like, ‘Let’s think of a movie scene or a photograph or still image and see if we can write something around it.” Recalling those early moments, Trevor Brookes adds, “we wanted to work on something new outside of what we were so used to doing.”

"A Different Life" is a beautiful example of the way that Taylor Vick's songwriting blends sublimely with the new creative contexts and narratives. When explored with her Art Moore bandmates, the trio create nothing short of excellence. With each song opening a universe of emotive connotations and bittersweet feelings, the band’s ambition to create heartbreaking short stories can only leave listeners desiring more. In Vicks’ words, “"A Different Life" was inspired by the experience of daydreaming up another version of your life. I can easily get caught up in the imaginary worlds in my head, overwhelmed by the endless possibilities and versions of me that exist within them.”

Vick’s lyrical ingenuity is complimented with euphonious backings from Brooks and Durkes; but, they do not stop there. The band pairs each tune with a sublime visualisation. Their ambition to create music for movies and artistic projects has seen the band engage with several video opportunities and creative endeavours.

Art Moore’s creative ambitions continue to shape their sound. In an attempt to lyricise the idea of daydreaming other versions of your life as you know it, Vicks continues to explain, “But I am most fascinated by the version just parallel to this one, the one with only a few differences or enhancements. This song is about the experience of longing for that not so far off possibility.” With intricate descriptions of human connections, and in some cases, the impossibility of such, "A Different Life" is sure to be complementary to their upcoming album. As true explorers of tales and tribulations, we believe Art Moore are set for an exciting year ahead.

"A Different Life" is out now with the new album Art Moore set for release on 5 August via ANTI- Records. Find Art Moore on Instagram.