“It’s a song about faith, and security, and trusting in God to bring you through dark times when all seems lost,” explains 19-year-old BIMM student ANGEL!NA, discussing the inspiration behind the last song from her debut EP Heavy Soul.

Released in stages over a two-month period - have been written, recorded and produced in realtime - the EP comprises four equally thoughtful, lyrically mature songs that showcase her soulful, yearning vocals over sparse guitar arrangements and reverb-heavy drum beats (courtesy of producer Mike Tan).

On “Take Me Home” she succeeds in making the listener empathise with her, feeling the emotions that she is feeling in the moment - those all-too-familiar existential crises that often come after a sleepless night. The driving guitar riff that repeats throughout only resolves itself at the very end, evoking the sensation of finally coming home after a long and weary journey. Her voice, tinged by country music, but unmistakably that of a contemporary pop artist, almost yelps with emotion as it soars.

“Take Me Home” consolidates an assured debut from an already strong vocalist and songwriter growing in confidence. While raw, her unusual sound marks her out as one to watch, and a welcome note of calmness in an increasingly turbulent world.

Heavy Soul, the debut EP from ANGEL!NA, is out now.