“All Night” frames vocalist AK Karrasch’s voice with producer Jameson Flood’s open, bright instrumentation. There’s less focus on breaking new ground and more on making bloody good pop. The result is an infectious, listenable delight, with a video as light-hearted as the shimmering, sunny synth-pop.

“‘All Night’ is a song about infatuation and its ability to help you escape all of your worries,’’ the duo explain. “A relationship that brings your imagination to life, changes your perception and the way you see the world. Colours are brighter, everything feels right. It's about a love that makes you feel brand new, like you're waking up for the first time. We wanted to shoot this video in a hospital because we wanted to show how love can be present everywhere; even when you're isolated and alone, love is comfort from pain and a shield to your fears. When we were younger it was common to have imaginary friends - even at a young age we crave connection and we want to love something. Love breeds hope and gives peace of mind even when we're in pain, and we wanted to convey that.”

Flood and Karrasch met two years previously, working with a mutual acquaintance in Nashville. After hitting it off in the studio, the pair decided to join forces as ALKE. Now, having already performed at venues such as Hollywood’s Dirty Laundry, the duo’s career trajectory seems as assured as their polished pop. “All Night” sees ALKE continuing to carve their own niche in their current hometown of LA, and beyond.

“All Night” is out 8 August.