Using music as a form of reflection on his personal experiences, Aaron Porter's "I Wanna Let Love" showcases his ability to overcome high hurdles and portray raw emotion through pristine pop.

Tackling love head-on, Porter's new offering flickers between a gradual unravelling of independence and a proclamation of emotional rejuvination, delivered over a pulsating synth-pop melody.

Descending from an isolated tower of heartbreak, Porter lays his tender emotions over a vigorous chorus that shows he's not walking into battle unarmed, as he declares, "I wanna let love fuck me up".

""I Wanna Let Love" came at a point when I felt I could never love again. After a big break up I found myself building this wall of complete independence around me," Porter says. "But surrounded by my independence I found all I wanted to do was love again, and at any cost."

Porter's new single is only his second, landing after last year's empowering debut "BOY".

"Wanna Let Love" is out now. Follow Aaron Porter on Instagram.