A giant leap forward from the already-great Gemini Gemini, Abrahamson has made something really special on this record. Dealing with personal relationships as well as the social and political atmosphere in Sweden, Reverseries is a stunning alt-pop achievement.

Below, you can stream the album in full - alongside Abrahamson's track by track guide.

Safe Tonight

"This song came about after a voice memo I recorded during rehearsals with my band. In between songs, my keyboard player suddenly broke into this manic organ riff which later became the spine for the whole song, and during my writing period I found this 14 seconds of brilliance in my phone and asked if I could use it to build something. I wanted it to be an unreasonably big song, larger than life. The lyrics revolve around that ever-elusive feeling of wanting more, greater, faster, more feeling, wanting to climb and evolve, and constantly wanting things to shine more brightly, the hunt for meaning and greatness. The more we have, the more we want. Yet when it all comes down, all we ever really need is somewhere or someone to come home to, a place where we feel safe and loved. "

You Won Me Over

"It's about the fight between sense and sensibility, all the contradictory thoughts and feelings that you're going through when someone invades your world and you finally decide to resign and let them in. It's one of my personal favourites off the album."

To The Water

"This song is basically about fanaticism of all sorts - anyone who come to the conclusion that if everybody else does not believe/act/feel like he does, the person is essentially doomed in one way or the other, and beyond saving. It doesn't necessarily have to be in a confessional sense, but religious images are easy to play with when working with this theme. Hence the baptism-related "take me down to the water"... Since it has touchpoints with both gospel and country, I wanted to exaggerate the production of it to be as cold and modern as possible."


"This was actually the very first track I sat down to write after a long period of doing everything but writing. In between every album it seems I always think I've lost the gift entirely and will never be able to complete a song ever again. And then one day I always just decide to sit down and do it. ‘Bloodlines’ was written and demoed in its entirety in just 30 minutes, and was a kickstart for me into the whole project of ‘Reverseries’. I realized, once again, just how much fun it was to get to create music. Lyrically, it's about the difficulty of showing true emotions in very close relationships, like with family. Can we see each other for what or who we truly are, do we dare to let each other in?"

Anyone Who

"...is sort of a plea from ‘the other’. I did not mean to write anyone else's story, or take on me the role of being their voice, but after doing some voluntary work with refugees arriving in Stockholm, their stories and faces hit me so hard. Entire families arriving, tired and torn, after travelling Europe for weeks and months. I remember thinking if I were them, I would not be able to grasp why people or entire countries were so hostile, why nobody would want us or want to help us, or how the hell my life turned upside down and got me into the situation in the first place? It must be so absurd. Any human being with a heart should understand this."

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