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Track By Track: Hazel English on her Never Going Home EP

26 October 2016, 10:30

Oakland artist Hazel English writes about the meanings behind each track on her new EP Never Going Home.

Never Going Home

I wrote this song pretty quickly, I guess I was feeling nostalgic about the feelings I had when I first moved to the Bay Area and how exciting it all was. It made me think of the idea of being at a party and never wanting to go home because you’re so caught up in the moment.

Make It Better

I experience a lot of moments in my life where I feel like I want two completely opposite things at the same time and it can be kind of paralysing, like I’m in a constant state of tug-o'-war with myself. It used to make me feel a bit crazy but I’m starting to realise that it’s actually a very human thing and it’s okay.


The title of this song really says it all I guess. This song is about the act of distancing oneself in order to maintain a sense of control within relationships and how destructive this process can be. I wrote it from experiences I’ve had being on both sides of the coin.

It’s Not Real

I guess this is like my existential song haha - everyone’s gotta have one of those right? I constantly question the nature of reality and this song really focuses on that, trying to figure out what’s really important and weed out all the false ideas and concepts that can cloud judgement.

I’m Fine

"I’m Fine" is probably one of my rawest songs; I lifted the words straight from my journal. I guess it still feels like people don’t like to talk about anxiety or depression but I think it’s a really big issue and one that needs to be addressed.

English's Never Going Home EP is out now on House Anxiety/Marathon Artists. Grab it now.

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