Last year Brooklyn-based Vellturo released her stunning debut EP there's no-one new around you. Continuing with the Tinder-themed titles Use Passport to choose new location. is a self-curated collection of reworkings, which sees the EP remimagined by artists she found via her own Spotify Discover Weekly playlist.

Vellturo explores just how she brought this project to fruition in this Track By Track.

a million other things (Funeral Advantage Rework)

This is the first artist a reached out to. I found his track "Gardensong" and immediately fell in love with Tyler's bedroom-shoegaze-pop sound. He really made "a million other things" sound like it could have been a Funeral Advantage original (except for the vocals hahaha).

til your legs give up (Future Generations Rework)

"til your legs give up" was the last of them to come in. I had honestly almost given up/put this project on the back burner for a bit when I got a call from my label asking how I felt about Future Generations giving it a go. Turns out one of the guys is her accountant! It was perfect because they actually had been on my Discover Weekly playlist a month back. This version is super vibey. It reminds me of if RJD2 had a baby with Elliott Smith. Totally turned this one upside down.

just cuz you can't (YEYEY Rework)

YEYEY's song "Set The Dogs" pretty much got me through spring 2016. I remember the first time he sent me this rework, I was in Bryant Park waiting for my sister and I laughed out loud. It is honestly so adorable and I love the pulsing synth that wraps around your head.

snowed in // there's no one new around you (Charles Fauna Rework)

I could go on for 17 paragraphs about Charles Fauna. I discovered him as Paideia (fka) with the track "Liaison". Soon after emailing him I realised he lived in Brooklyn as well so we met up for a beer so I could better explain this weird concept. Charlie's rework of "snowed in // there's no one new around you" is an actual story. There are so many different phases, it just builds and builds until the epic ending which still gives me chills every time. Charles Fauna and I are pretty effing close now, he is the first artist I have signed to my label Sleep Well, he played on my single "it's the way", and he is playing drums for me on the way to and at SXSW.

Use Passport to find new location. is out now via Rhyme and Reason Records.