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Potty Mouth delve into astrology

04 May 2019, 14:30

Potty Mouth's Abby Weems, Ally Einbinder, and Victoria Mandanas decode their individual sun, moon, and rising signs.

Abby Scorpio Sun - Pisces Moon - Scorpio Rising

My birthday is 21 November. Whenever I tell people I’m a Scorpio they usually respond with something like, "Ohhhhhh damn.” Scorpio is the “dark and mysterious” sign which seems to intimidate people, and I love that. I totally identify with the archetypal “stay out of my business” Scorpio traits. I’m the kind of person who will plan a full day of activities for myself and not feel the need to let anyone know, ever. My rising is also Scorpio which is comforting to me. I like to think that means I come across very straightforward. I read somewhere that Scorpio sun/Scorpio rising is, “Like ice: cold and hard in appearance with an underflow of turmoil and choppy waters.” It’s definitely a weird combination of being reserved but also intensely present. I may not open up immediately but I definitely won’t bullshit you.

Beyond the day-to-day stuff I can totally see that closed-off dynamic in my relationship with social media. I hate the feeling of someone thinking they’re entitled to get to know me, and that boundary gets crossed every day with DMs and comments from total strangers. But we live in a time where artists can really reach people by being open and personal. I just have a hard time feeling genuine on the internet. I’m all about quality in-person time, and if we’re not doing that I honestly find it pretty difficult and sometimes even exhausting to connect with people. Thankfully I’ve learned to harness those characteristics into having beautiful work ethic. I love being productive and relish in having solid alone time to do projects.

Pisces moon pretty much just means I’m a big softy underneath it all. Your moon represents your inner, emotional side, and Pisces is a sweet little watery mess of emotions. We were recently on a podcast called “What’s Your Sign?” and the hosts guessed that I was the lyricist of the band just based on how emo my chart is.

Ally Gemini Sun - Leo Moon - Scorpio Rising

I was born on 21 May, which is right on the cusp of Taurus and Gemini, but I’ve always identified more as a Gemini. I once saw a meme that depicted the astrological signs as a series of human body outlines, and for each sign the heart was placed in a different location of the body to represent where that sign supposedly carries the work of their heart. For Gemini, the heart was in the brain, and that made perfect sense to me. For better or for worse, I am a person who lives deep inside my own head. There is constant chatter in my brain. I am a chronic over-thinker and over-analyzer. These tendencies can lead to their own challenges, but my hyper cerebral-ness has also served me in other ways. I am a deeply curious person and I love learning. Sometimes I feel like my brain is literally hungry, and I need to regularly feed it with new information to keep the lights on inside. Something I love about playing music is there is always more to learn. I can’t imagine feeling fulfilled by a path or career that didn’t continuously challenge me.

I don’t buy into the stereotype about Geminis being “two faced” because I think this is a reductive cliche and I want to believe in a version of astrology that is empowering rather than pathologizing. I do, however, believe my life has been marked by a profound degree of duality and paradox. One of my favorite parts about being in a band is going on tour. For someone as neurotic as me, touring can feel psychologically liberating. It forces you to exist in the present and to focus on the one task you have for that day, which is getting to where you need to be and playing a show. For me, touring feels like a suspended version of reality where I can finally surrender my compulsion to control the conditions of my environment and just give myself permission to live in the moment. It is truly freeing.

On the other hand, when I’m not on tour, all my energy turns towards my home environment. I love the open road just as much as I love a stable, rooted home. I’m in a long distance relationship and constantly fantasize about what life will be like when my partner and I are finally living in the same place. I yearn for that stability, but not without my independence, and this is the fundamental conflict of my two Gemini halves. Both sides feel like fundamental parts of my identity, and I can’t imagine a life where I have to sacrifice one for the other. I am very easily bored. Maybe embracing the duality of my needs is a way to ensure I never have to feel bored for too long. My roommate once said to me, “It seems like you need to make yourself feel anxious before you can allow yourself to relax.” As much as I hate to admit it, I’d have to agree.


Aquarius Sun - Gemini Rising -Virgo Moon

I totally relate to being an Aquarius. I think I’m generally able to keep an open mind, I can come across as emotionally detached, and I’ve even been called a “little weirdo.” Those things are all true. At the same time I know what I like and what will make me feel comfortable and happy, and I think that’s where the Virgo moon comes into play. If I decide that I want to do something, I’m probably just gonna go ahead and do it. I also find a lot of joy in creating a space for myself – my home, which seems very Virgo moon-ish. As for my Gemini rising, I’m not too sure how that comes into play because I don’t appear to be very outgoing or gregarious. Ally likes to say that if you don’t really know me I seem like one person, and if you do know me, I’m a completely different one, which would make sense with Geminis having two sides. I’m not actually very shy, as some people might think. I’m just quiet.

Potty Mouth's new album SNAFU is out now via Get Better Records
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