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“I tend to get lost in my thoughts – probably much to a fault” : The Line of Best Fit speaks to Youth Lagoon

“I tend to get lost in my thoughts – probably much to a fault” : The Line of Best Fit speaks to Youth Lagoon

07 March 2012, 10:00

Trevor Powers is always in hibernation. The man behind dream-pop moniker Youth Lagoon released his debut album, Year of Hibernation, late last year as a way to document his feelings in the form of a musical journal, but the hibernation the title refers to wasn’t quite so much a literal one.

“It’s a mental one,” Powers clarifies. “It’s kind of interesting that, even when travelling and being so busy, there’s always this sense of mental isolation; I’m not sure what it is but I tend to get lost in my thoughts – probably much to a fault.”

This could partially be credited to his struggles with anxiety, something Powers is not shy to discuss in his songs and in his interviews which, admittedly, he’s not the best at but he’s gradually improving each day. “I’m not the best at talking and I’m worst at talking about myself,” says Powers. “I’ve never been good at explaining why I do things so in interviews, when I’m asked about motives and whatnot, I’m never really sure what to say; usually ideas just feel right so I do them or they feel wrong so I don’t do them.

“As far as my anxiety, I still struggle with it but I’ve gotten much better at putting the cap on the bottle before the pressure builds up too much, just poking a hole in the side and letting some air out. It will most likely be something I deal with for the rest of my life so I just find ways to deal.”

Powers has since found exercise to be a good stress reliever but concedes that this doesn’t mean he’ll be anxiety-free and writing entire albums about happiness anytime soon. “I’d feel that writing an entire album that was completely happy wouldn’t be very interesting and would just sound really fake,” says Powers. “I write because it’s how I interpret things, not even just music but writing in general, so I think interpreting events, people, or anything with only one specific emotion in mind just wouldn’t make sense.”

Year of Hibernation covers an array of emotions, from the aforementioned feelings of anxiety to heartbreak; all washed over by a cloudiness of nostalgia and muddled, watery vocals. As much as Powers is the primary player behind Youth Lagoon, he has called on an additional band member live and explains that his writing process isn’t 100% solitary.

“The writing process for me is a really personal one, it’s the way I process or think, just like a filtering of ideas,” says Powers. “I think it is important thought to not be completely alone in any sort of creative process so I always bounce ideas off others and sometimes it creates this sort of tug-of-war that really helps an idea translate itself.”

When asked about the future size of his live band, Powers admits that he’s got some grand plans but hasn’t committed to anything just yet, just as with his plans for a follow-up record in the future.

“I definitely have plans but nothing too soon,” Powers reveals. “I’m a very ambitious person so I would never want it any other way.”

Year of Hibernation is out now through Fat Possum.

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