We caught Anna Calvi at her Meltdown Festival appearance in a set of live photos as well as a review, where we found "...Anna Calvi embraced flamenco, rock, blues and opera and seamlessly fused those genres to a choral approach, surrendering herself to the themes of the music, both emotionally and physically. In the process she delivered a performance that was as jaw-dropping as it was magical".

Anna Calvi's One Breath and Strange Weather EP are available via Domino, the latter containing the titular track featuring David Byrne.

Calvi is currently set for appearances at the Mosely Folk Festival, On Blackheath, and two dates at the National Concert Hall in Dublin as part of the Blood and the Moon - A Provocation on Yeats series.

Poisoned Paradise & B&W 2.0 Impossible Project 600 film by Impossible & shot on Polaroid 600 series by Jason Williamson.