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Bleach Lab find themselves on Lost In A Rush Of Emptiness

"Lost In A Rush of Emptiness"

Release date: 22 September 2023
Bleach Lab Lost In A Rush of Emptiness cover
19 September 2023, 09:00 Written by Lana Williams

Despite not long ago emerging onto the music scene, dynamic quartet Bleach Lab have quickly made a name for themselves with their unique, finely-tuned sound and riveting, introspective narratives.

Treating fans to their debut record, Lost In A Rush Of Emptiness, Bleach Lab finds their sound in woozy Mazzy Star melodies and shimmering indie rock goodness. Focussing on sonic catharsis, the record explores life-altering moments, relationships, nostalgia, and Leonard-Cohen-inspired poeticism.

The record opens with the floaty “All Night” – immediately establishing Bleach Lab's sonic melding of Jenna Kyle’s haunting vocal intonations, with electro-infused percussion, and rich guitar lines. The second track, “Indigo”, boasts upbeat, summery instrumentation, a collective of punchy percussion and woozy guitar lines. Strained, soothing vocalisations reflect on a toxic relationship, as Kyle pleads “You add to my pain / With words I said, when breathing in your name”. Jangly and smooth, “Indigo” is an impressive rhythmic offering that offers a surprisingly upbeat soundscape that juxtaposes the heartwrenching narrative. Later in the album, “Nothing Left To Lose” sits as the poppier older sister of “Indigo”, offering comfort and reassurance with the strong, departing message - “Nothing left to lose / If you dive right in, not knowing where you're heading”.

Steeped in melancholy, the haunting “Counting Empties” reflects on alcoholism and how the repercussions destroyed the relationship of bassist Josh Longman. Deeply personal, the track endorses itself as a therapeutic creative process for Longman and earned its place as the first track to be released as a teaser for the LP.

Perhaps one of the most stripped-back tracks on the record (only contended by “Leave The Light On”), “Saving All Your Kindness” plays with acoustic guitars and lush, shimmering vocals in a delicate ode to experiencing nostalgia, but not for an event – a person. Paired with the swirling soundscape of “Everything At Once” the almost halfway mark of the album finds juxtaposition in deep, sultry vocals that confess “I want it all”.

Opening with eerie, subdued guitar lines, with “Smile For Me” Kyle offers up her personal experiences with sexual harassment and takes a jab at those who told her to “smile” or “cheer up” – often strangers in the street. Talking on the track she noted: “I've done as little as give an eye-roll back and been called some pretty horrendous things”.

As the album prepares for its final departure, “Life Gets Better” offers a cheesy, tongue-in-cheek reassurance that life does indeed, get better. Thus far, exploring failed relationships, alcoholism, sexual harassment, and loneliness, Kyle pleads that not all is bleak, all the while jabbing at the worst advice you could offer to someone in a mental health crisis.

Rounding off the record, “(Coda)” offers up a melodic finale. Featuring orchestral instrumentation, the lyric-less, minute-long cut offers a space for reflection – the Latin track title taking on the literal meaning of being the concluding passage of a piece, or movement.

Lost In A Rush Of Emptiness is an impressive collection of ethereal cuts steeped in powerful emotions, that find their root in jangly indie-rock and textured instrumentation. For a debut record, Bleach Lab have simply gone above and beyond.

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