The mini-doc sees interviews with Doyle, his manager Andy Inglis, and  The Quietus' Luke Turner (Doyle released his debut EP Hostel through The Quietus' label).

It's directed by Best Fit's Sébastien Dehesdin.

In the clip, Doyle speaks of finishing album number two ("it sounds like it's more professionally recorded... which actually is only half true, I still did most of it in my bedroom,"), while Inglis points out that the third East India Youth LP is already being blueprinted. The general gist is that Doyle's ready to move on to bigger, grander, more elaborate pastures, in terms of sound and arguably moreso in terms of live show, with talk of live musicians, more space to perform, and the chance to get out from behind his desk. It's an exciting state of flux for Doyle, and 2015's looking exceptionally bright for the electonic mastermind.

The interview portions are broken up by stunning shots of his show at Heaven. An AV spectacle, full of projections, blinking lights and Doyle's trademark wig-outs, it looked to be a tremendous - though emotional - send-off for one of the year's finest records.