Pat Grossi’s first substantial body of work since his debut long player You Are All That I See was released earlier this month, marking the welcome re-emergance of Active Child after an intense period of touring.

The Rapor EP – named for the mountaintop LA home studio where it was written – features star support from Mikky Ekko and Ellie Goulding. It may well be Grossi’s most accomplished work to date and its closing minutes offer something of a follow up to first record signature cut “Hanging On”. The capture of emotional turmoil, knife-edge euphoria and fragile heartbreak on ”Evening Ceremony” sees a holistic approach to songwriting and production in perfect balance.

Performing the song for Best Fit, Grossi tapped into that same emotion and the result is a truly jaw-dropping experince; not so much a session take but a revealing and enriching companion piece to the studio version. Here is Grossi’s take on the experience, which you can watch above:

It was rainy morning in London. I woke early after only a few hours sleep, and ambled over to an unmarked speakeasy just a few minutes from my hotel in Shoreditch. A woman with a sweet smile greeted me at the door and led me downstairs into the dimly lit bar, where a group of people had gathered to film me playing a few songs. In the corner, bathed in the only light of the parlor, was a modest yet stunning upright piano, its case removed. I suddenly felt at home for the first time in weeks. After a few moments getting acquainted with one another, I sat down and played ‘Evening Ceremony’. It felt good, like a hot shower at home after a long day out in the world. In those four minutes I was reminded of the power that music can have over me. I saw no one and nothing, and felt everything. My eyes open, but my mind lost in the moment. Near the end I felt myself begin to lose it. My emotions grew and brought me crashing back to the reality that I was sitting nearly crying in front of complete strangers. A twinge of insecurity straightened my back, but I knew the moment had already passed. It was recorded now. Permanent for all to see. And it felt good.


The Rapor EP is out now.