The most striking thing about Vulfpeck’s show is their reckless and precocious musical talent. The core members swap instruments with seamless skill. Joey Dosik’s sax solos are a delight; Antwaun Stanley’s vocal is outstanding; Joe Dart’s impossibly fast, virtuosic bass solos receive rapturous cheers. Songs that sound initially like jolly ditties - “1 for 1, Dimaggio”, “Animal Spirits” - are rendered formidable by an impeccably tight groove.

Although the music itself is accessible, there was a cliquiness about the Brixton audience. To get his note for an a capella rendition of “Back Pocket”, Theo Katzman asks the crowd to sing a concert G. When asked to sing the chorus of the same song, the room harmonises perfectly. It’s fun, but with a slightly exclusive, knowing air.

In essence, the overwhelming thing about Vulfpeck is that they maintain a sense of theatrical humour that they can pull off because their musicianship is infallible. Jack Stratton runs around the stage in a PE kit - with added Britney mic - throughout the show, playing nearly every instrument in the rhythm section. It’s all playful and ironic, founded on absolute confidence. “Birds of a Feather” is appropriate as an encore, reflecting not only the community spirit in the crowd, but the intimidating strength of their ensemble.