Their first return to the city of Brighton and Hove within four years takes place in a grand setting that openly mirrors the haunting beauty found in their elegantly constructed and melodically rich dream pop. Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally may be the central lynchpins, but with the added help of a drummer and a bassist tonight these elegant pop songs are brought to life.   

With only snatches of natural light breaking through the elegant stained glass windows high above, the four embark on a set that swerves its way through each of their five albums. Slowyl building opener "Levitation", - with its minimal and relaxed rhythm, soothing vocals and gently cyclical keys - sets the mood for the next hour and a half, its stark beauty catching a portion of the audience off guard and instantly causing chatter to fall silent.         

And it's to Beach Houses credit that "Walk In The Park", their best known song, follows swiftly after. With staccato keyboard melodies it eradicates any residual feelings of longing and allows us to fall back and enjoy a stream of luscious, echo laden pop that runs forward at a controlled pace and only on occasion breaks out into a mild canter.

Visually enhanced by a light show that flashes with vibrant colour within a near pitch black environment, the four silhouettes onstage fire out texturally rich vignettes of French pop, 60s folk and elements of Cocteau Twins-aping shoegaze. All are hard knitted into the fabric of Beach House; they rely on classic songwriting craft rather than here today, gone tomorrow fads, and are all the better for it.   

Whilst some artists rely on casually dropped remarks to keep them in the limelight; Beach House are more than comfortable remaining in the shadows and letting their songs do the talking.