Much like their self-titled EP, ...Does It Again has ear-worm songwriting paired with fuzzed out production, making for an overall engaging, if one-track, listen.

While the band keeps their EP stylings in tact - sub-four-minute garage punk freakouts - the addition of keyboardist Ryan Hater has allowed them to expand their Cars-esque hooks to their already catchy songwriting. And it works well. "Make Me Wanna Die," and "Pills" feature 80's keyboard lines that would make Ric Ocasek proud.

But that isn't to say the band doesn't still know how to rock out. Quite the opposite, in fact: "Wolf Trap Hotel," "B.T.K." and "Last 4th of July" are some of the fieriest songs they've written so far. There are also some mid-tempo stompers ("Sheila" and "On Your Mind") so you can catch your breath.

During the chorus of "Pills," Espositio asks, "Would you be my pill?". Knowing this band, the pill in question is probably of the sugar variety. Which is to say, fun but otherwise featuring only perceived effects. Of course, if you're listening to White Reaper for any reason other than that - unbridled and unattached amusement - you're missing the point. White Reaper's Does It Again exists for the sole purpose of reminding us why we love rock 'n roll in the first place: because it fucking rocks. And, hey, sometimes that's all you need.