On Two Another, the duo manage to convey an impressive array of emotions without betraying their sound to telegraph them. Both "Higher" and "Keeping Me Under" deal with the complicated realities of love and do so with thumping, funk-flavored instrumentals and hooks that stay with you long after they end.

"I feel so higher / To the moment I met you / I feel so tired / To the more I can't stand you", goes the chorus, building and building until a momentary pause and then a sudden release. "That's just love", we hear with an audible sigh.

The duo paint most often in synths, but the touch of chicken scratch guitar on "Keeping Me Under" gives it a poppy, dance floor thrust. 

"Shouldn't Have Done That" is restrained compared to the other two tracks, but it is no less memorable with its falsetto harmonies and whistful admissions of guilt. It highlights the group's versatility; they're capable of using their unique brand of late-night soul to tackle both light and weighty emotions.

The impressive thing about Two Another is that it feels so much more substantial than its brief run time. In just 12 minutes the listener feels like they understand who the group is and what they're about, a proper introduction to a talent certainly worth keeping tabs on.