TMBOY, made up of Sarah Aument on vocals and Will Shore taking up production duties, begin proceedings with “Held Under”, with an ethereal pulse bringing their creation to life. It's the marrying of two worlds; one mechanical, the other natural, that toys with a fury which feels adeptly relative to 2019 where the most humane of issues are so viciously fraught across the digital landscape.

Across the ten tracks that make up Steam, Aument is the messenger of her agenda. Be it a magnifying glass upon the intricacies of love (“No One”), or queer identity, there’s a grace within her words that elevates the musicality to emotionally regal heights.

The musical canvas finds itself smoothly segueing from electro-goodness to a tribal luminescence and everything in between perfectly spotlighting a cool and chic sound that very few can articulate so well. Shore’s production creates hypnotic melodies that keep Aument grounded, when she can more often than not be found soaring high above, her vocals occasionally battling against the tide that breaks against Shore’s…erm…shore.

All told, Steam is an album of minimal proportions, but it’s undoubtedly an elegantly crafted work that posits TMBOY as no ham-fisted poseurs, and more profits from their sparkling agility and wide open eyes that find the beauty in the world.