To all intents and purposes, Tones’ latest is a merciless and intoxicating release which compiles all eight tracks produced under the Throwing Snow moniker during 2018. What results is the producer's fiercest LP and one of the best electronic albums of the year.

Utilising the same equipment and ethos across the album, Tones designs infectious dance floor tracks and filters them through the lens of several musical genres, all of which work to create his signature, scattered sound; with Loma, it lands with calculated precision.

First track "Simmer", for example, is a restrained break-neck stepper which threatens the listener immediately. Tones has stated that “this is the track I’ve always wanted to write" and you can sense that from its outset. The sharp break-beat percussion and drum loops move to support the impressive sub bass which transitions seamlessly into the acid stabs of the latter portions of the track.

"Simmer" is a strong opener for the LP and establishes the transparent tone of the LP, but the unquestionable show-stealer here is "Tantrum". An oppressive and paranoid piece, the track features a volley of percussive scythes which slice across the mix with industrial accuracy, all whilst the bass pulse morphs across the track with a clinical and ominous inevitability.

Equally as impressive is "Vulpine", an ear shatteringly precise half-time D'n'B bomb, split precisely into neat and perceptible sections which force the listener to second guess their musical expectations.

Also featured on the vinyl release is the brand new extended 11-minute remix of "Simmer" from Brooklyn-based producer Octo Octa which serves as a well-paced reprieve and peaceful closer to the album.

Loma is a must-have release. Drawing influence from a wide array of musical influences, Tones manages to deftly tread the line between his own musical sounds and the styles he draws from. Perhaps the most impressive thing about Loma is that it combines a four-part release from across 2018 whilst remaining musically concise and imperiously consistent. It is amongst the best records released during 2018.