Driping with Riot Grrl angst, Need To Feel Your Love kicks off with 70s riff-o-rama "Meet me in the Street", but fierceness isn’t always at the front of their music. While the attitude might be current, the music is fundamentally retro in its approach from the start, and it’s not something that changes as the album progresses. The title track for example embeds lightly funky guitar chops within its Americana-cherishing rock, at times verging on a beefed-up Fleetwood Mac.

Elsewhere, "Just Can’t Get Enough" is a collision of hardcore punk attitude, pop hooks and straight up 70s rock with a natural inclination to embrace the idea of a guitar solo break, and "Turn It Up", with its head-banging riffs, leans towards 80s hair metal but doesn’t swerve far enough from the template to feel overly vital.

Ultimately Need To Feel Your Love is an unashamedly retro flavoured affair, but it's one that’s worth tasting.