With hints of ambient electronica, classical structuring, jazz, and occasional glimpses of downtempo hip-hop, Xompulse unleashes a unique sound that is perfect for a 3am contemplation of your life that builds a feeling of hauntingly beautiful ambience.

Comprising of fragmented aural and visual memories from Dulu, by assimilating these into a series of memory-based and dreamlike songs gives the impression of listening while drifting through a liminal state. “Ariel Visions” opens the album with interesting slow tempo jazz elements, where the track then developing with a gorgeous, blending, cinematic orchestration. It’s easy to picture this beautiful opener being the soundtrack to an awe-inspiring scene in a movie proving the talent Sal Dalu has of creating images with sound.

The lo-fi jazz elements continue onto “She Belongs to Roth” and the album’s titular track, beautifully painting cinematic pictures that disconnect you from reality, ready to take you on an imaginative journey. The record’s more hip-hop styled tracks rack up some brilliant features from the likes of Fly Anakin, Koncept Jack$son and staHHr. Of the three collaborations, “Zumo” (Fly Anakin) is a highlight, containing catchy rhythm and a fantastic electronic backing beat, demonstrating a passionate creation from the two melding minds.

“Just Like Sonnenalle Blues” is the albums pique - another gorgeous cinematic ambient jazz fusion that contains dreamlike electronic soundscapes and a spine-tingling electric guitar that riffs along to your imagination.

Overall, Sal Dulu’s debut record proves his musical mastery in combining various genres and building an ethereal, soothing and cinematic sound that sparks imagination, ready to carry you on a mindul journey.