Pearly Gate Music’s debut is a beautiful blend of fuzzy lo-fi indie and as you would expect from Zach Tillman, (and yes, in case you didn’t know by the now he is the brother of Fleet Foxes drummer and accomplished solo artist Joshua Tillman), holds a maturity beyond its years.From it’s gently hissing white noise to its quivering instrumentals ‘Golden Funeral’ is a beautiful introduction to this debut album, as Zach’s softly spoken words glide over the trickling rain drops and crackling chords. The infectious guitar strums and pounding drums of album highlight ‘Big Escape’ provide an uplifting anthem that inspires dreams of summer adventures, and as the electric guitar kicks in towards the end, this song along with the stunning emotional instability of ‘Gossamer Hair’, really does set Pearly Gate Music apart from many of their contemporaries.The production on this album has done all it can to capture the live, raw instrumentals and the aching emotions in Tillman’s voice, and even though it falls just short on songs such as ‘I Woke Up’ and ‘I Was A River’, they are still undeniably breath taking. The intermittent shudders from the snare and tambourine in ‘I Was A River’ accompany a heart felt story that initially seems full of loving promise but, as Tillman reveals that he would only do these things “If I still loved you” , the soaring melody comes to a jarring halt to be replaced by a overwhelming sense of melancholy.Pearly Gate Music’s self-titled release is a charming collection of folk songs that sees young Zach Tillman dip his toes into the more traditional folk of his brother’s material, but ultimately proves he his more than ready to step out on his own.RECOMMENDED